Historic Wooster Square Association

     Working to                  keep the 
       strong & 

Working to keep the neighborhood strong & vibrant
Working to keep the neighborhood strong & vibrant
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       Yea, City Seed!
The first City Seed Farmers Market was in Wooster Square's Russo Park. There are now weekly markets throughout the City, but ours is still held there every Saturday. It is a major neighborhood asset. 
     Harvey's Walk 
Named in honor of long-
time the Historic Wooster Square board member and advocate who died in May 2013, this walk - located in Russo Park between 
Chapel and Wooster Streets where City Seed Farmer's market is held - can benefit us all. Learn more: 

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Wooster Square was named in honor of Gen. David Wooster, a hero and and highest ranking officer to die in the Revolutionary War. A Yale grad with a long, distinguished military career, he lived on Olive Street.  Check out more fun facts and Historic Tidbits.

Families relax, the kids play, school groups have recess and games (photo above), and friends play ball. People read, walk their dogs, have picnics - and pizza!  (photo at right)

Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in the Park
Friday, December 4, 2015 • 5:30 p.m.
Meet at St. Michael's Church on the Square for the musical program with Members of the New Haven Oratorio Choir. Then we'll proceed to the tree in the park.
Refreshments, including hot cider, will be served. 
All are welcome. CLICK FOR MORE

Saint Michael's Caroling Christmas Concert
Sunday, December 12 • 7 p.m.

Redhot& Blue, the award-winning jazz ensemble (known for their fresh twists on jazz classics, Broadway showstoppers, and toe-tapping favorites)  and oldest co-ed a cappella group at Yale University, will perform.  

Reception to follow the concert in the rectory.  

Donation $10.00.  Children under 12 years old - free.

November 9: 
The photo at left shows Urban Resources Initiative planting four 
replacement cherry trees on Hughes Place. 
Eight local residents have signed on to care for and water the trees.  
The lights help alert motorists to the crossing.

Just one year after a tragic accident we have new traffic calming measures installed on Olive Street. The rapid rectangular flashing beacons ("RRFBs") on Olive Street at Court Street and Greene Street are helping make the neighborhood safer for everyone – drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. The new striping and curb cuts have already visibly improved traffic and access. Pedestrian crossing signs help, too.

Thanks go to our Ward 8 Alder Aaron Greenberg and to Doug Hausladen (Transportation, Traffic & Parking) and Giovanni Zinn (Engineering) for delivering such an important safety feature to this busy street.

The 42nd Annual 
Cherry Blossom Festival
... on Sunday, April 26, was a huge hit with thousands of visitors of all ages.
See more images and learn more on our Cherry Blossom Festival page.
The weekend also included a concert on Saturday evening by musicians of Wooster Square and a pop-up exhibit of timepieces made by the 
New Haven Clock Company.

The 43rd Annual Festival will be held on Sunday, April 24, 2016

Get a feel for Cherry Blossom Festival 

Check out photos by Chris Randall and a few others of 

I Love New Haven. Click here. 

The cherry trees are in bloom, and the Festival is today. Come enjoy musical entertainment, international foods, art-related events, activities for children and pets, and more. 

The cherry trees are in bloom, and the Festival is today. Come enjoy musical entertainment, international foods, art-related events, activities for children and pets, and more. 


Wooster Square Park Benches - 

Restoration is the Key 

Repairs are clearly needed!

Over the years, the effects of weather, age, and wear and tear take a toll on the park benches, as evidenced in the photo at right. It's been decades since those in Wooster Square Park last had a complete renovation or replacement. 

So the Historic Wooster Square Association, in cooperation with the New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees, is undertaking the project to bring them back to like-new condition.

Visit our Bench Restoration Project page for details, including sponsorship  and recognition.